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One of the best things about my job is that I get to meet and work with new people all of the time. I learn about people through photography and I often find new qualities in others that I admire. This constantly pushes me to be a better person and a better photographer. ⌓ Every day is a new adventure, if you allow it to be. There are opportunities to create meaningful moments all around us. Capturing these special, fleeting and completely unique glimpses in time is truly important to me. ⌓ Love inspires me the most. It takes my breath away. I want to show you from an outside perspective how captivating your love is. I want you to keep it forever.

My mind seeks creativity. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques to create photos that are interesting and vibrant. I want you to be fascinated. I want your photos to spark reflection, daydreaming and wonder within you. Let's talk about how we can set the right mood for you. Let's capture love. Let's make art. ⌓ Based in Vancouver, British Columbia and eager to travel the world, I know your story will be important to me, wherever you are.